Fill the Stands With Personalized Alma College Scots Fan Cutouts

Fill the Stands With Personalized Alma College Scots Fan Cutouts

Alma, Mich. - The Alma College athletics department is excited to announce a unique opportunity for Alma College Scots fans for this upcoming semester. Anyone can purchase their very own fan cutout to be seated at Athletic facilities across campus. 

As we prepare to start competitions at Alma, we anticipate minimal spectator opportunities during these competitions. However, anyone will now have the opportunity to virtually cheer on their favorite teams!

Ordering a cutout is so easy! All the information you need is on our team page here:

Here are some of the highlights 

  • Cutouts will be placed in the stands of Alma College Athletic Facilities of your choosing
  • You can pick multiple facilities and we will move them as the semester continues
  • Prioritize which facility you want most so they will be in attendance for your favorite Scots team!
  • The cutouts will appear on the livestreams of Alma College Athletics events, see your face or your favorite Scots fan's face at the game!
  • Order quickly so that your cutout makes it to the game in time!
  • Cutouts will be available to pick up at the conclusion of the 2021 spring semester.

We are offering two price rates. "The Maroon Package" is exclusive for Alma College Current Students, Kids under the age of 14, and pets. It costs $30 with $5 going towards benefiting Alma College Athletics. "The Tartan Package" is for anyone in the general public. These cost $50 with $25 going towards supporting Alma College Athletics. 

So go order your fan cutout or one for your favorite Alma College Scots fan! If you are looking for a last minute Holiday gift, look no further! Get them now so they will be in attendance when the men's and women's basketball seasons begin in January. 

If you have any questions, contact Success Promotions at (314) 878-1999 and You can also email

Thank you for your continued support of the Alma College Scots and see you at the games!