STUNT Team Fights Tooth and Nail at the National Championships

STUNT Team Fights Tooth and Nail at the National Championships

Norman, Okla. - The Alma College STUNT team played two tightly contested matches on Saturday (May 4) in the 2019 College STUNT National Championship. The Scots defeated Oklahoma Baptist University 14-12 in game one and fell to Davenport 15-14 in game two.

How It Happened

  • Oklahoma Baptist took the first point in the first-quarter partner stunts, but Alma responded with a win in the second routine. The Scots took the third routine, partner stunts seven, after OBU committed multiple mistakes. The two teams tied in routine five, the last round of partner stunts; Alma led 3-2 after one quarter.
  • Alma earned points in all four rounds of the second quarter, pyramids and tosses. Oklahoma Baptist was able to tie in two rounds and trailed 7-4 at the half.
  • In the third quarter, jumps and tumbling, both teams won two rounds apiece. Alma maintained its three-point lead, 9-6, entering the final frame.
  • The fourth quarter is made up of three rounds. Each round combines the routines of that level in one continuous routine in the following order: partner stunts, jumps and tumbling, and pyramids and tosses. Each section of the routine is scored individually using the same scoring as the first three quarters.
  • In the opening round of the final quarter, Oklahoma Baptist took two points to Alma's one, shrinking the Scots' lead to two, 10-8. Alma would maintain that lead through the final two rounds, though, as it tied OBU at two in each, winning 14-12.
  • The Scots took on a familiar foe in Davenport in round two. The Panthers got out to a 4-2 lead after the first quarter, winning partner stunts routines seven and eight.
  • Alma flipped the script in the second quarter to tie the game at six at halftime. The Scots and Panthers tied the first two routines, numbers two and eight, while Alma stayed clean in routines one and six to earn those points in the final two rounds.
  • The Scots fell in the first three routines of jump and tumble as Davenport capitalized to take a three-point lead going into the fourth quarter. Alma battled to a tie in the fifth routine to make it 10-7.
  • Alma gained one point after the first round of the fourth quarter. It won the partner stunts and jump and tumble rounds while Davenport took the pyramids. Alma trailed 11-9.
  • The Scots picked up another point in the second round, earning points in all three sections and winning the jump and tumble round outright to get to within one point, 13-12, with one round to go.
  • Alma and Davenport tied in the first section of the third round and the Panthers were awarded the only point of the second section to secure the victory. Alma won the third section outright, but it wasn't enough to force any additional rounds.

Up Next

Alma and Oklahoma Baptist will meet again in the semifinal round on Sunday (May 5) at noon. The winner of that game will face Davenport at 3:00 p.m. in the STUNT Division II Championship; the loser is eliminated.