Alma Advances to League of Legends Finals, Will Look To Repeat As Champions Tonight

Alma Advances to League of Legends Finals, Will Look To Repeat As Champions Tonight

Alma, Mich. - Last Thursday the Alma College League of Legends team defeated Central Michigan University in the GG League Semi-Finals by a score of 2-1. Alma had to come from behind to to take the win but now have the opportunity to be League Champions for the second consecutive year. 

Game 1

The Scots struggled out of the gate in game one giving up an early lead to their opponents. Nolan Rowland and Alex Flint worked in tandem to secure a few mid-game eliminations but overall Alma was unable to get back into the game resulting in an Alma loss, 23-6. 

Game 2

Alma rallied back in game two with an all-new team composition and refocused on their strengths as a squad. Connor Demarest ran away with Game two, recording 14 eliminations, zero Deaths and four assists. The Scots were able to close out the game, earning leads in every lane. Flint displayed solid objective control leading Alma to an early dragon soul. Scots won Game two with a final score of 20-4.

Game 3

The Scots used the momentum from game two and took it into game three. The team worked together to build a strong team composition in the draft phase and felt confident in their choices selecting several of the champions that worked in their favor during game two. The Scots again displayed their knowledge of team fights and map control to secure dragon souls and the only baron of the match. In the end, Alma won the final game convincely, 28-8, to eliminate Central Michigan and advance to the Championship Final. 

The sixth-seeded Alma College League of Legends team moves on to the finals where they will face the undefeated top-seeded Western Illinois University - Quad Cities. Western Illinois came out victorious in their meeting earlier this year, but the Scots are ready to use all of the knowledge and teamwork they have gained throughout the regular season and the playoffs to give it their all and leave everything on the rift. 

The Finals are tonight at 8 p.m. and will be broadcasted on