Alma College Athletic Hall of Fame


1964 Men's Golf team
1999 Softball team
Chuck Fiebernitz `80 (football, baseball)
Scott Vicari `84 (football, baseball)
Josh Peters `03 (football)
Lynne Harvey `85 (swimming)
Charles Morrison `57 (Athletics Distinguished Alumnus)

2020 Hall of Fame Press Release


James (Jim) Cole `74 (coach)
Joshua (Josh) Brehm `06 (football)
Charles (Bud) Acton (basketball)
Brenda Smith Jolls `87 (track and field)
Amy Wolfgang Nieman `90 (cross country, track and field)
Dr. Rainy Inman Shorey `97 (track and field)

2019 Hall of Fame Press Release  |  2019 Hall of Fame Ceremony

Alma College Athletic Hall of Fame Background

The concept for the Alma College Athletic Hall of Fame was an outgrowth of a series of three lettermen dinners held at various locations in the late 1960s to rekindle alumni enthusiasm and enlist support for the development of adequate athletic and recreational facilities. The initial Hall of Fame event was staged at the former Olds Plaza Hotel in Lansing on May 25, 1971.

Alma was the first Michigan college or university and one of the first in the nation to establish a Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame’s purpose as originally stated was noble:

“It is the intent of the Alma College Hall of Fame to celebrate the past, present and future of Alma College through the recognition of excellence in those who have made significant contributions to the Scots’ athletic tradition.”

Alma College Athletic Hall of Fame Defined

When Alma’s Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1971, it was a singular place to honor the accomplishments of student-athletes, coaches, teams and other individuals that embodied the spirit of excellence as described by Dr. Charles A. Gray during the induction of that inaugural class in 1971:

Excellence has no common denominator. Rather, excellence is typified by its uncommonness and its reflection of achievement far above normal effort and reward. Tonight we are here to ... recognize excellence without compromise, to reward extraordinary achievement, and to honor athletes whose heralded feats evoke the imagination.

Since 1971, 17 classes have been inducted into Alma’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

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